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One of the most rage-inducing plumbing issues anyone can encounter in their existence is a clogged drain.  It’s like waking up at 6 am on a Monday and realizing you’re out of coffee and the line at Starbucks is 40 cars long. Although Jim Bennett’s Plumbing would love for you to call us for each one of these plumbing problems, here are some maintenance tips to keep your drains drama-free.


#1.  Drop it like its Hot: Yes, you’ve been scolded like a schoolboy about pouring grease down the drain.  We get it: grease = bad! But let’s be honest, even if you’re wiping down your frying pans like a baby’s bottom, there’s bound to be a layer of grease remaining.  When you’ve concluded that the inside of the pipe is lined with more grease than John Travolta’s hair, we have a simple and rather ingenious solution for you: a heating pad.  Wrap a heating pad around the pipe, turn it on and let the heat from the pipe liquefy the grease.  It should go without saying, but, WARNING: don’t touch the hot pipe after, or you’ll have a whole different problem all together.


#2. Science Friday: This is not only easy, but also reminiscent of your 7th grade science project! Step 1: Dump about half a cup of baking soda down the drain. Step 2: Add half a cup of white vinegar. Enjoy the sink volcano. Step 3: Wait 30 minutes and rinse with boiling water. This simple cleaning once a week will help breakdown the gunk and grease that builds up in your drains.


#3. Take the Plunge: In case you didn’t know, plungers are for more than just clogged toilets and for chasing a naughty dog.  Take one of these bad boys over to your clogged sink, add some hot water and plunge away. (Placing a rag over the drain will increase the effectiveness of the plunger) In case you didn’t already figure this one out, we don’t suggest you use the plunger from your toilet. Enough said.


#4. Hair Raising: The biggest culprit for a shower or bathroom clog is hair. For the bathtub, we suggest you fill with hot water and pull the stopper and let it drain, the force created by the hot water will break up and flush the debris.  As for the shower, the trick we learned earlier with vinegar and baking soda works wonders! If your stunning partner has really long hair, take off the drain cover to remove the rat’s nest.  Resist gagging, this isn’t for the faint of heart. And purchase one of those little cup-shaped mesh drain inserts to catch the hair and other particulate that has no business going down your drain, empty daily.


#5. Call in the Pros: Even with all of these easy DIY tips, it’s always good to call Jim Bennett’s Plumbing in for a professional inspection to clear those pipes if these tips don’t work, and to take care of all of those not-quite-smoothly running drains that drain your patience.


To have a professional head over to your home, call Jim Bennett’s Plumbing at 850-878-3178 or check out to see what services we provide.



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Your faithful household and office toilets – Out with the old, in with the new

We’ve all been there. That time you flush the toilet and it doesn’t quite clear everything down into the unknown abyss of the sewer systems.  Or there is that day when you walk into your bathroom and there’s little puddle of liquid around your toilet and you’re dreading the thought of it being your spouse’s poor aim.  What about that time where you try and try and try to remove the ring around the toilet and it just won’t budge?  All of these “wonderful” powder room moments can be pointing you to solution; it’s time for a new toilet, and Jim Bennett’s Plumbing Since 1969 can help!


How can you assess the situation and make the final decision as to whether or not your John needs to be replaced with well, a new John? Take a gander at the following points and if you’re saying yes to one or all of these, we suggest you take the plunge (pun intended) and get Jim Bennett’s Plumbing on the phone and a new potty at your place.


#1. The Unclog able Clog: Do you have a note in your water closet for your guests saying, “Flushing Twice Makes it Nice?” Or is there an expected time every day when you have to get out the latex gloves, pinch your nose with one hand and start plunging with the other? These aggravating, agitating, and downright annoying recurrences can mean it’s time to say bye-bye to your potty problems and hello to a new functioning flusher.


#2. Repair and Tear: Does the magic combination of jiggles on the handle sound like futuristic Morse code? Is there a crazy contraption connected to that ‘floaty’ thing in the water tank? Has your family developed a dance to the porcelain gods so the leaky seal doesn’t create a wading pool in your bathroom? If a toilet is requiring repairs so often you see your Jim Bennett’s plumber more than your kids, the solution is simple, terminate that toilet!


#3. Skid Mark City: Ever notice how your throne always looks as dirty as a frat house on a Sunday morning? Are you apologizing about that weird discoloration that looks like, well,… you know.  This is actually caused by small scratches on the surface of your porcelain, and we hate to break it to you, but that stain and a Twinkie will be the only two things to survive the apocalypse.


#4. Chips and Dip: Much like the teeth in your mouth, a chip or a crack in your toilet is something that instantly needs to be fixed.  You don’t want your friends to think they’re part of an elaborate prank when they end up with their bums on the floor because that chip, lead to a crack and it ended up causing your toilet to break in half. OK, that’s an exaggeration, but you get where we’re going with this.


Now that you’ve probably regretted ever letting anyone use your current commode, it’s time to give Jim Bennett’s Plumbing in Tallahassee a call or head over to so you are no longer the subject of your friend’s bad bathroom humor.

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Outside of the fact that everyone thinks they’re a professional plumber when it comes to home repairs, there are those times when you’ll actually need a plumber… or, do you need a plumbing contractor? Now you’re saying, “Shoot! There’s a difference?” That’s why we’re here, let Jim Bennett’s Plumbing Since 1969, here in Tallahassee, Florida guide you through your decision making process. (You’ll be surprised how simple this is.)




In short, a plumber takes care of your run of the mill issues: dripping faucets, backed-up toilets, clogged garbage disposals, leaky pipes and other basic plumbing issues. When deciding if you only need a plumber, assess the severity of the situation, and if you think it’s not a major overhaul, than a plumber is who you call!


Plumbing Contractor


The first step in a receiving a swift and proper resolution is knowing when and if you ought to call a contractor.  A plumbing contractor is needed when you ascertain that you’re in for some serious work, and believe you me, you’ll know when it’s a big project ahead of you. For example, you come home to find a front lawn full of sewage (the smell alone should have you on the phone), chances are you’re either in need of having your tank pumped or replaced.  THIS is the kind of work that requires a licensed contractor.  Think of it this way, if the thought of your husband taking a crack at fixing the issue frightens you to the bone…you need a contractor!


Plumbing contractors take on a variety of projects and searching local websites is a great way to research the right fit for you. The task at hand could be something along the lines of a total pipeline replacement or new septic system install, to mending a radiator heating system to hot water heater installations.


One thing to take note of when dealing with a contractor is to understand that the majority of their work performed is on large-scale projects such as a full replacement or new installation for new construction, home remodel or addition.  The reason they focus on these areas is that they are specifically trained for these multi-dimensional jobs. Some of those specialty areas of training are: gas connections and flues for heating systems, water heating systems, safety shut-offs for gas valves (including earthquake valves), back flow prevention units and water conditioning systems.


A Match Made In Heaven


We’re going to reiterate this again, finding the proper contractor may take some time and research. And  seeing how you’re going to be making a little larger investment in this project, it will be well worth it.  First and foremost, you want to be sure that the person you hired is licensed in your state to complete the job. For our Florida readers, the following link is an excellent resource:


Next, we suggest finding three contractors who fit the bill and request an in-person consultation, estimate and references.  You’d hate to hire any old Joe Schmoe, only to realize that your expectations and personalities clash. Finally, pick a contractor.  We know it may be difficult to say no to that low-ball offer, but remember you’re looking for a quality, highly recommended contractor with experience and expertise. Jim Bennett’s Plumbing Since 1969, is not just a tagline – it’s a reflection of years of doing large and small jobs for people just like you in our community – residential and commercial..

Now that you know the facts, take a look at the plumbing problem you’re facing and call Jim Bennett’s Plumbing for a consultation or visit to learn more about everything we can offer you.