Don’t Flush Me!

Besides scarring your kids for life by flushing the recently deceased beloved goldfish down the toilet, there are some items that should also never enter the bowl.

  1. Bathroom wipes: So you’ve been told by the major toilet paper companies that TP just isn’t enough anymore and you need to add moist wipes to your routine.  The problem with this is that these aren’t for flushing.  Although marketed like toilet paper, these suckers have been causing clogs from Seattle to South Beach and the general consensus from plumbers is they are unflushable, contrary to what the packaging says.
  2. Paper Towels: They’re made of paper…what’s the difference? Paper towels are not designed to break down in water the same as toilet tissue.  Much like the bathroom wipes, these guys can cause major backups and major damage.
  3. Cotton Balls: One of our favorite items in the bathroom can be a nightmare when in the pipes.  Cotton balls do not break down in water, instead, when wet they get caught in the bends of pipes and stay there.
  4. Condoms: I’m sure you’ve been told this one a time or two, but these latex child-protection devices can wreak havoc on your septic tank and septic systems.  Non-degradable, condoms can cause blockages by getting filled with air or worse…needless to say not only Twinkies and cockroaches will survive the zombie apocalypse.
  5. Band-Aids: Continuing down the non-biodegradable route, these plastic wonders can get stuck on other things besides your skin.
  6. Dental Floss: This dental hygienic tool can cause more damage than good once it hits your pipes as it gets caught around every and anything that is already headed that way.
  7. Cigarette Butts: I’m assuming the only one flushing cigarette butts down the toilet is your 16 year-old daughter, but there are consequences besides a grounding at stake.  The chemicals in the butt can seep into the water table and end in the bodies of people and animals that aren’t even smokers! How rude!
  8. Prescription Medication: I know you’re trying to keep your excess prescription meds out of the hands of that 16 year-old who sneaks the cigarettes by flushing them, but this can cause some adverse effects you didn’t count on.  First, the meds can breakdown the good bacteria that feeds off waste, and they can also contaminate groundwater that drank by both your family and wildlife.  Look into programs that will dispose of your meds in a safe manner.
  9. Disposable Diapers: Ok, we know there’s poo in there and you don’t want the house smelling of it, but seriously, you’re trying to flush these down the toilet.  If you can even get it to go down, you’re in for a bathroom flooding that will be 10 times worse than the diaper.

The moral of this story? ANYTHING THAT ISN’T TOILET PAPER = NO FLUSH. But if something happens despite your best efforts…Jim Bennett Plumbing Since 1969 will make it right, and we are only a quick call away: (850) 878-3178.