Outside of the fact that everyone thinks they’re a professional plumber when it comes to home repairs, there are those times when you’ll actually need a plumber… or, do you need a plumbing contractor? Now you’re saying, “Shoot! There’s a difference?” That’s why we’re here, let Jim Bennett’s Plumbing Since 1969, here in Tallahassee, Florida guide you through your decision making process. (You’ll be surprised how simple this is.)




In short, a plumber takes care of your run of the mill issues: dripping faucets, backed-up toilets, clogged garbage disposals, leaky pipes and other basic plumbing issues. When deciding if you only need a plumber, assess the severity of the situation, and if you think it’s not a major overhaul, than a plumber is who you call!


Plumbing Contractor


The first step in a receiving a swift and proper resolution is knowing when and if you ought to call a contractor.  A plumbing contractor is needed when you ascertain that you’re in for some serious work, and believe you me, you’ll know when it’s a big project ahead of you. For example, you come home to find a front lawn full of sewage (the smell alone should have you on the phone), chances are you’re either in need of having your tank pumped or replaced.  THIS is the kind of work that requires a licensed contractor.  Think of it this way, if the thought of your husband taking a crack at fixing the issue frightens you to the bone…you need a contractor!


Plumbing contractors take on a variety of projects and searching local websites is a great way to research the right fit for you. The task at hand could be something along the lines of a total pipeline replacement or new septic system install, to mending a radiator heating system to hot water heater installations.


One thing to take note of when dealing with a contractor is to understand that the majority of their work performed is on large-scale projects such as a full replacement or new installation for new construction, home remodel or addition.  The reason they focus on these areas is that they are specifically trained for these multi-dimensional jobs. Some of those specialty areas of training are: gas connections and flues for heating systems, water heating systems, safety shut-offs for gas valves (including earthquake valves), back flow prevention units and water conditioning systems.


A Match Made In Heaven


We’re going to reiterate this again, finding the proper contractor may take some time and research. And  seeing how you’re going to be making a little larger investment in this project, it will be well worth it.  First and foremost, you want to be sure that the person you hired is licensed in your state to complete the job. For our Florida readers, the following link is an excellent resource: http://www.myflorida.com/licensee/.


Next, we suggest finding three contractors who fit the bill and request an in-person consultation, estimate and references.  You’d hate to hire any old Joe Schmoe, only to realize that your expectations and personalities clash. Finally, pick a contractor.  We know it may be difficult to say no to that low-ball offer, but remember you’re looking for a quality, highly recommended contractor with experience and expertise. Jim Bennett’s Plumbing Since 1969, is not just a tagline – it’s a reflection of years of doing large and small jobs for people just like you in our community – residential and commercial..

Now that you know the facts, take a look at the plumbing problem you’re facing and call Jim Bennett’s Plumbing for a consultation or visit www.plumbertallahasseeflorida.com to learn more about everything we can offer you.