Thinking About A Remodel?

You’ve reached the breaking point! Your kitchen looks like it’s straight out of the Brady Bunch and the color tiles in your bathroom are an unnatural combination of bright yellow and avocado.  It’s definitely time for a remodel and for your house to join 2014.   Before you book your appointment with Jim Bennett’s to jump right into the project, take a minute to read this article and to be better prepared for our meeting.


  1. Money, money, money! There’s a reason why the first thing potential homeowners do is look at the kitchens and bathrooms of a house; these can be the most expensive remodeling jobs that come with the purchase. With the average cost of a kitchen being between $20,000-$30,000 and bathrooms between $10,000-$20,000, the first thing we suggest you do is to decide what kind of budget you’re working with and whether or not you’re utilizing savings, or headed to a bank for a loan. This will determine if the project is a total gut-job and we bring in all new items, or if we need to recycle some of the materials.  (Also, put a little bit off to the side for those unforeseen circumstances that you know will arise!)


  1. Neo-modern with classic contemporary accents? Traditional with vintage touches? Beach paired with shabby chic? These may sound like random words strewn together, but they are pretty common design terms that describe your preferences for your personal style.  If you don’t already have a strong leaning, deciphering your style may actually take a bit longer than you expect.  Taking a clue from your own closet, homes you admire and through researching, looking through photo galleries and saving pictures of styles, finishes and color palettes you’re drawn to, will make your consultation go much smoother. Magazines like HGTV, Country Living, Southern Living, or any home design magazine might just start to be an exciting and fun activity in your free time, as you can start to envision your new space!


  1. One final piece, and this is one that some may forget, is to take a look at your calendar.  This may seem like an odd step, but it’s one of the most important.  Many people don’t realize that on top of the financial commitment they are making, this is going to take a time commitment that may render your home without a kitchen or bathroom for weeks, (or in the event of unforeseen circumstances), months! If you have any major life events in the future that will require you to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, this might not be the time to have a construction crew in your home.


Once you’ve determined a budget, you have marked off a time block in your calendar and narrowed down your style, it’s time to make the call.  These three key points can help your first meeting with Jim Bennett’s successful! Let us give you a new space that increases the value of your home, and areas that reflect your personal style – we are only a quick call away (850) 878.3178.